Happy Easter. 2020. copyright – TheSnapWalk

Als wir Kinder waren, spielten wir Pralinen, Estereier und machten einen Korb. heute war es nicht anders als in der Kindheit. Ich habe es geschafft, mit meinem Freund ein Ester-Konzeptfoto zu erstellen. hoffe dir gefällt die idee. Vielen Dank.

When we were kids, we used to play a game of finding chocolates, ester eggs and make a basket. Today, it was not different than childhood. I managed to create ester concept with my friend.
I hope you like the idea.
Thank you.🙏🤘


The idea and image was created by TheSnapWalk. Don’t use without permission. Thank you. Follow and DM for enquiries.

Photowalk from March

March came with some exciting photoshoot sessions. Friends from Instagram also joined me for a photowalk on 10 Mar 2020. Windy evening and Markthalle, Freiburg where we inspired ourselves to explore photography techniques.

Just where we met. Check out friends who joined me for the Photowalk. Ulf and Faruk. Don’t forget to check out their profile for different perspectives. We keep it explorative and learn from everything.

The street photographers look at different perspectives from the street view. Check out some pictures from the street perspective.

The photographers being clicked while clicking their moments.

Abstracts and Artistic photography. Different perspective.

The focus for the evening. I could capture for different concepts and it was all accident, that the person was clicked in different pictures. unintentional, yet beautiful moments.

The Light plays and the lamps together for life.

One special picture. Abstract photograph in bnw.

We enjoyed the photowalk for 2.5 hours almost ended with my battery dead and some long exposure shots. check out my Instagram for the updates and pictures.

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Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the photos from our photowalk tour. Have a nice Day.

Fasnacht von Baden-Württemberg , Jahr 2019

The Images displayed here were taken during 2019 Fasnacht carnival at Gundelfingen, close to Freiburg main city. As the Fasnacht approaches in freiburg im Breisgau, watch some nice thrilling pictures from last year.

All Pictures are taken by TheSnapWalk and ask for permissions to use the images. Thank you.

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Check out different pictures of the beautiful architecture, Cathedral in Freiburg from different parts, at different times and areas of the city.

Freiburg Münster with red sky. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau
Freiburg im Breisgau. Sunset with Munster background. View from Schlossberg. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau. Sunset with Munster background. View from Schlossberg view point with a reflection (pm for getting info on how the reflection was created). Credits – @thesnapwalk
Evening over freiburg. Münster view from Schlossberg. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg im Breisgau
Evening over Freiburg and the schwabentor also joins hands with Münster. View from schlossberg (a special point for viewing this). Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View from Schwabentor, Oberlinden street. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View from SClossberggarage balcony through Konviktstr. Credits – @thesnapwalk
Freiburg Münster. View ate the end of Konviktstr and the schlossberring way. Credits – @thesnapwalk